About the owners

Peter and Kim together

In 2007, Kim was recently divorced and Peter was widowed.  Kim was a single mother of three kids and Peter had raised six, his youngest in high school.  In their 40s, they were both doing some soul searching, and they met at a church retreat.  Noticing Kim was coughing, Peter shared cough drops with her, and that is how their relationship began.

Now Peter and Kim had always been a frequent visitor of massage places.  They went almost every weekend, and it was one of their favorite past times.  They both said it made them feel relaxed, relieved, healthier, and just revived.

Three years after they met, Peter and Kim visited Kim’s best friend.  As the loyal fans of massages that they were, they visited the massage place 2 stores down, Relax Body and Mind Spa. After talking to the owner, they found out that she had just been diagnosed with brain cancer and wanted to sell her business.  This happened at a time when Peter had just been laid off after 20 years of work.  Kim and Peter both had some money saved up, so stumbling upon this opportunity, they bought Relax Body and Mind Spa.


Peter and his 6 kids

Peter and his 6 kids